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When it comes to trees, Tree Service Pros of Bozeman is the top choice for commercial and residential customers far and wide! From humble beginnings, we have built a reputation for our outstanding results with dedication and hard work. Not only do we infuse passion and industry knowledge into every project under our care, but we also add a heightened level of customer service into each interaction. ​

We believe that this point of difference is what has propelled us from a reputable tree service provider to the top source for clients throughout Bozeman, MT, and the surrounding area.

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Tree Service Bozeman has proudly served our community, leaving our community members of Bozeman, MT, with healthy, maintained, and thriving trees. We take the time to nurture and understand the specimens that we work on and add creativity and innovation to find solutions for our clients. Each client that walks through our doors, calls our phone, or chooses to work with our team understands the true point of difference that we offer. Our joint focus on customer service and results has propelled us to become the top provider in our community and beyond. Our customer satisfaction is the key to our thriving business. Every customer is treated like they are our only customer! Call our team to see the difference that we bring to the table!

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Tree Removal

Signs when your tree may need to be removed

You may be wondering if it is time you got rid of the tree in your backyard. As trees deteriorate, they lose their strength which makes them structurally unsound. This can also happen before aging takes over due to pests, diseases, storms, and other external factors. Roots, branches, and even the stem itself threaten to collapse at any moment. It is a threat to your property and your family. Looking at your tree, you may be wondering if removal is the best option. Trimming and maintenance are options but not always alternatives. Luckily, there are a few signs to guide you into deciding to remove a tree from your property.

The trunk is the central support system of the tree. It is responsible for sending water and nutrients to the branches. It also proves stability for the ever-growing limbs. A healthy tree often has a thick trunk that is solid and strong. On the other hand, a diseased or old tree will have a splitting trunk. It means that you will see cracks and splits on the trunk. If you see any splits on the tree, the chances are that it might not stay put for long. This is a good time to call a professional tree removal service because once the support system is damaged, it is hard to revive it.

The most obvious sign that you need to remove a tree is noticeable tilting. If the tree has started to slant, you should not ignore it. Slanting means that the trunk has suffered damage. The tree can no longer structurally hold itself up, and it is only a matter of time before it breaks and falls. If the tree falls, it poses a threat to your home and other features of your residence. Also, because there is no telling when the tree might fall, it puts everyone within the residence at risk of injury. To stop this from happening, have a professional remove any slanting trees within your property.

If you have been in your home for a while, you know what your trees should look like—their specific colors, how it changes in different seasons, and even growth indications. Therefore, when it suddenly starts showing signs of abnormalities, you know that something is wrong. If the branches are drying more often than expected, or the leaves are not as green, then it is either dying or infested with pests and diseases. Usually, you will need to remove the tree because leaving it unattended puts your property and family at risk.

The roots of a tree play the most crucial role. They absorb water and nutrients from the ground. These nutrients then move to the rest of the tree through the trunk. Without the proper function of roots, trees would deteriorate and die. If the roots are decaying or are not effective at doing their job, the tree will not get proper nourishment. If the damage is not severe, then a professional can revive the roots. However, sometimes, they are beyond revival, which means the tree should come down. Look out for signs of decaying roots to guide you. Often they are dark, slimy, soft, and sometimes severely dry. Additionally, if the ground around a tree looks lifted or elevated, there is something wrong with the roots.

Problematic roots could also mean roots that are growing too close to the house and other structures. These are destructive roots. Sometimes the roots of trees spread and grow too close to the home and other structures. When this happens, you will notice an elevation in the affected areas. Some roots are so strong; they begin to crack through the foundation. It is a considerable threat to the stability of the house. They can also break into the main sewer and cause clogs and other plumbing issues. This will lead to expensive repairs to restore proper function and structure to your home. To prevent this, you must call a professional to remove the tree.

As cute as the little mushrooms look, they are not doing your tree any favors. Some fungi grow around the dead decaying matter. Therefore, mushrooms growing on or around your tree could mean that some parts of it are decaying. If the fungal growth is working its way upwards, your plant will be losing nutrients. Fungi use the tree for nourishment, so your tree will lose nutrients as the fungi spread. This compromises the stability of the tree, posing a threat to your property and its residents. It is best to remove a tree with significant mold growth.

Sometimes, the decision to remove a tree has nothing to do with the tree. If you are remodeling your property or adding a structure that comes too close to the tree and its roots, there may be a need to remove it. Leaving the tree in place puts both your new construction and the tree at risk. A new structure puts weight on the soil, hence hinders root growth. Additionally, this will affect the roots’ ability to absorb nutrients making the tree suffer. Over time, it may die and fall onto your new structure. Even if the tree survives, the roots could damage the foundation. For these reasons, it is better to have a professional safely remove the tree before construction begins.

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Benefits of hiring a professional tree service company

Everyone agrees that a bit of DIY is good and even fun. However, there are limits to what you can do because some jobs belong to professionals. One such job is anything to do with trees, whether removal, replanting, and even treatment for pests and diseases. As a responsible homeowner with thriving vegetation in your yard, you would want the best for your plants. This means that you should only let experts examine and make decisions about the trees in your residence. Saving a few dollars through a DIY project may be costly in the long run. Contrary to what most people think, tree services are not as expensive. They are a wise investment, and if you are still not convinced, here are a few more benefits of hiring professional tree services:

One of the best things about professionals is the equipment and tools they have. An excellent professional tree service has the right equipment to carry out various tasks. We have modern equipment that can prune large branches, remove stumps, and even cut down large trees safely. Furthermore, this equipment can work well in hard-to-reach places. Professional-grade tools are unlike standard garden equipment. They will do the job that your garden tools cannot do.

There are over 60,000 tree species in the world. Each of these has its individual needs, diseases, and care activities. Without the proper knowledge, you would not know what to do to ensure the tree’s best conditions. Luckily, with a professional tree service, you do not have to worry about these needs. An experienced team can detect and even predict potential problems with the tree. We also know the correct pruning techniques to use and which trees thrive best in the local climate. Additionally, they will make informed decisions about trees, such as when to cut down a tree.

Think about all the work that trees require every month, from pruning to watering, mulching, and more. It is a full-time job, and you may not have the time for it. Furthermore, it is work that requires manual input. With a professional service, you can let the professionals do the work for you. When you hire a team, they will carry out all these activities quickly and effectively. You can move about your schedule comfortably while the professionals take care of everything. Also, you could find yourself in inconvenient situations that call for the convenience of a professional service. Say a storm damages a tree within your property; you will need emergency attention to prevent any accidents and damage to your property. A professional tree service comes in handy in such situations.

If saving cash is your goal, then hiring a professional service will do just that. Contrary to what people think, a professional tree service is more affordable than inexperienced DIY projects. As an individual, you do not have the right skills, experience, or equipment to carry out maintenance and tree removal activities. Getting a professional to do it ensures that you do not need to purchase the equipment for these activities. Furthermore, DIY activities may not always go as planned, and you could cause more damage that requires money to rectify. Additionally, if you leave tree problems unresolved, they may cause damage to your property. You will spend a lot more fixing these problems. Destructive roots, for example, could leave you with plumbing bills and the need for a new driveway or gazebo.

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