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Stump Grinding & Removal

Whether you are looking to remove your stump for practical or aesthetic reasons, our team can facilitate the process! Bozeman Tree Service utilizes our advanced equipment along with our vast knowledge to completely remove stumps from any space. Stump grinding offers a variety of benefits to clients including efficient removal, the byproduct of mulch, and the ease of the process. We offer removal processes for commercial clients and residential that are tailored to fit the unique need of each situation. Contact our customer agents today to begin your stump removal process and take advantage of your unobstructed space sooner than ever!


The procedures that are involved in stump grinding and removal are complex and are to be completed by professionals that are equipped with proper safety gear. Bozeman Tree Service has come to the calls of community members for over ten years, leaving high-quality results in both residential and commercial properties. We take safety seriously, that is why we take the time to properly train and offer continued education for each and every member of our team. Not only do we provide the training for each and every team member, but we insist on the utilization of PPE during each stump grinding and removal service.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an effective and efficient solution for homeowners who are looking to rid their property of unsightly or hazardous stumps. Grinding has many benefits including the time that is involved in the process! Grinding takes a mere few hours to completely remove the existing stump, leaving you more time to enjoy the finished product. The process of stump grinding also produces a byproduct of mulch, which can be used throughout the surrounding property or simply disposed of as organic waste. Stump grinding could be the perfect solution for your stump, contact us today for your quote!

Why Remove Your Stump?

Once you have cut your tree, do you need to remove the remaining stump as well? If you are looking to avoid regrowth, we suggest that you take steps to eradicate the remaining stump. With sun and water, your remaining stump could produce growth leaving you with another problem. Removing your stump must include the removal of the main roots to completely stop the potential of regrowth. Our team offers complete stump removal so that you are not left with a sprouting tree in months!

Creating Space

Once removed, your outdoor living space could hold endless potential! A leftover stump could not only be an unsightly feature but also impede the function of your space. Reimagine your space with the simple call or click that it takes to connect with our tree service experts. Our processes offer comprehensive and complete removals so that new growth is prevented. Your tree could be host to infestations, disease, and even pose a safety hazard! Increase the value of your overall property with the decision to remove your pesky stump today!